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ICOS-NEON Carbon workshop summary
ICOS and NEON jointly held a Carbon Workshop for early career scientists at Observatory Haute-Provence in southern France in September 2014 within the COOPEUS project (Cooperation EU+US). The workshop is not only centered on carbon and energy flux observations, and the surface micrometeorology surrounding these measurements, but also aimed at making data available that can be used without technical, scientific, cultural or political barrier in Europe, US and internationally. In addition, practical use cases and scientific hands-on approaches were explored that focused on emerging applications to use large-scale observations to ask regional-to-continental questions. We had a fully supported, very diverse group of 24 conducting science in16 different countries. World-renowned instructors came from the US and European countries. The OHP ICOS France atmospheric station and the white oak observatory O3HP has been visited during the field trip. more Infos: workshop page: workshop wiki: ICOS: NEON: COOPEUS:
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First Announcement: ICOS-NEON GREENHOUSE GAS DATA TRAINING WORKSHOP 7-13 September 2014 Observatoire de Haute-Provence, France In-situ measurements are keys to address emerging issues in carbon cycle research ranging from atmospheric science to biogeochemistry through ecosystem science. This 1-week training workshop is aimed primarily at early career scientists including advanced PhD students, postdocs, and junior faculty. Using ‘big data' from the ICOS and NEON large networks of observatories will be addressed. Sessions will rely largely on hands-on use of data and models, and interactive discussions with speakers. Speakers include: · Philippe Ciais, LSCE, France · Frédéric Baret, INRA, France · Andy Fox, NEON, US · Markus Reichstein, MPI-BGC, Germany · Miguel Mahecha, MPI-BGC, Germany · Marcel van Oijen, CEH, UK · Philippe Peylin, LSCE, France · Martina Schmidt, IUP, Germany · Felix Vogel, LSCE, France This workshop is an initiative of the joint EU-US COOPEUS project ( REGISTRATION DEADLINE 30 April 2014 with motivation letter plus CV and letter of support TARGET AUDIENCE Early career scientists interested in emerging issues and methods wishing to broaden and deepen their knowledge or to identify new research opportunities. COSTS There is no registration fee; shared lodging and meals are offered free of charge for participants. A very limited number of Eastern European candidates can apply for TTORCH travel support. Please contact us. PREREQUISITES FOR PARTICIPATION Basic computer programming skills and elementary knowledge of the present-day carbon cycle. CONTACT please visit our webpage to find further information
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