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ICOS-INWIRE 1st Annual Meeting and General Assembly

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ICOS-INWIRE first Annual Meeting

The first ICOS-INWIRE annual meeting has been held successfully in Rome-Ostia/Italy on February, 3rd and 4th 2014.

The major objective of the meeting was to bring together the project consortium, exchange on project status and to drive its near future. The meeting offered an opportunity for intense discussions, ranging from autonomous eddy covariance systems to future TCCON developments, and brought together members of the LIDAR community to foster the exchange as well as build a platform for future project activities.

In total, 19 scientists participated in this fruitful meeting. The project received also valuable feedback from the Advisory Board.

All in all, the presentations led to a positive conclusion concerning the project status and helped to analyse and mitigate potential risks in the remaining project work. Small refinements of the project's activities might be necessary and will be implemented as a preparation for the first periodic review in June 2014. Detailed information can be found in the internal space for project members.



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ICOS-INWIRE 1st Annual Meeting and General Assembly

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